Yes! I am happy to support same-sex and same-gender couples, and trans and non-binary parents. Although I can’t claim to belong to the LGBTQ community, I am continually learning and increasing my awareness of the particular issues faced by members of these communities as they build their families.

I help you advocate for yourself. I’m not going to insert myself between you and your care provider. But I do serve the important function of having had time to extensively discuss your hopes and plans beforehand, so that if you’re confused, upset, or tired, I can help remind you of your goals, or think through decisions that may need to be made during the birth process.

I know a lot about pregnancy and childbirth and love nothing better than talking about it! As my client, all my knowledge is at your disposal, and anything I don’t know, I’ll help you find reliable information on. My goal is not to influence your choices but to help you be informed to make your own decisions.

Childbirth is also a very intense emotional experience. Not only is your body flooded with hormones, but you’re welcoming a new child into your family, a transition after which your life will never be the same. Having accompanied many people on this journey, I can help you and your partner work through your feelings, anticipate the emotional stages of labour (which are as real as the physical stages!), plan what words will help each of you to feel supported during the birth process, and then hold space for your growing family with a calm presence and encouraging words as you bring your child into the world.

Childbirth may well be the most intense thing your body has ever done. I help you to prepare with positions and stretches that you can practice during pregnancy and then use while in labour. During your birth, I will be as hands-on as you want me to be – rubbing your back, squeezing your hips (or encouraging your partner to do so), advising on positioning, and looking into your eyes to help you focus through contractions.