5 reasons to hire your doula early

  1. Happy mom with newborn

    You’ll get the one you want. Finding a doula who’s a good fit for you is so important. Your baby’s birth is one of the high points of your life, and one of its most tender and vulnerable times. You want someone in the room with you whom you can trust completely. The earlier you start interviewing doulas, the more likely it is that the one you like best is available for your due date.

  2. You never know what might happen. Of course we all hope for a straightforward, easy pregnancy – but sometimes things get complicated. If you develop gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, or your baby is born premature, a doula’s help and support could be even more invaluable than if everything goes normally.
  3. A doula isn’t just for labour. If you’re hoping for a smooth birth, advance planning is essential. There are so many things a doula can advise you to do, that will help you to be healthy, fit and focused, and your baby to be well positioned, giving you the best shot at a straightforward delivery and a positive birth experience. And all those strategies work best if you begin well in advance!
  4. Time is money. We all wish that money were no object when it came to our birth experience, but there’s no question that a doula is a significant investment. That investment is absolutely worth it for you, your partner and your baby, but it’s easier to absorb the hit to the budget if you commit early in your pregnancy and have 20-25 weeks to put aside the cash!
  5. You’ll get the chance to bond. The longer you can be in touch with your doula before you go into labour, the better she’ll be able to get to know you, your partner, your individual style, and your hopes and plans for your family. And the better you’ll be able to get to know her and feel comfortable with her presence and support.

And all that said … of course, if you’re 37 weeks pregnant and decide you want or need a doula, give us a call, and we’ll be delighted to work with you!