We love involved and supportive partners! Your partner is the person who knows you best and whom you trust to be on your team. However, most people do not have specialized knowledge and experience of the birth process and techniques for supporting someone going through it. That’s what a doula provides, and we will be delighted to work with both of you to make you the best possible team to have a smooth and rewarding birth experience. We can help your partner understand what will be happening in your body and emotions, and learn tips for how best to help you as you go through it. And, crucially, we can support your partner as well – they will be undergoing a very intense experience themselves, and may need to take breaks to rest, eat, and decompress in order to be as helpful as possible to you.

Yes! The evidence continues to accumulate that people who receive continuous labour support have overall shorter labours, fewer unplanned interventions and c-sections, and more positive self-assessments of the birth experience. And there are no known downsides to the presence of a trained support person. Some of the evidence is summarized here.