Knowing ahead of time that you’re having a cesarean section makes it possible to plan the experience to be a gentle and joyful birth. I can support you in talking to your provider to find out the options for what’s known as a “family-centered” cesarean: using a clear drape so you can see your baby as soon as he or she is delivered, and providing immediate skin-to-skin contact. If permitted, I will accompany you into the OR and talk you and your partner through the procedure. As with an unplanned c-section, if at any point during the process you and your baby must be separated, I will remain with you if your partner accompanies the baby, or vice versa, and I will provide all the customary postpartum support. In addition, since for a scheduled cesarean I don’t have to be on call 24/7 around your due date, my package will include 10 hours of additional postpartum doula support at no additional charge, once you return home.

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